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The ESO Program
Electric Space Opera is a Musical Journey into the battle zone of Good vs. Evil, the conquest of the Earth and Cosmic Supremacy. Humans face the reality that they are not alone and the existence of intelligent life forms in the solar system. While the creator gods fight for control of the galaxy and the planet Earth, humans try to remember where they came from as they are now pawns in Galactic High Tech Space Opera. As 2012 approaches, mankind begins to wake up and realize that everything they have been taught or told is the official story to enslave the Human Race on a prison planet. As man enters the end of the Mayan 26,000 year cycle and Galactic alignment emerges, man begins to awaken and rediscover his full potential in the image of Prime Creator God.
Om Daddy and Stardust
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We are ESO, World Jazz Fusion, orginal music and remixes by Steven Addi,
.We bring a multi media music, video, dance and art show